Bricco Panetteria is Boston Magazine’s Best Bread Bakery

//Bricco Panetteria is Boston Magazine’s Best Bread Bakery

Bricco Panetteria is Boston Magazine’s Best Bread Bakery

Sometimes, keeping things simple really is the recipe for success. When you come to Bricco Panetteria, you might be surprised at how uncomplicated it is. Located at the end of Board Alley off of Hanover Street, you might initially walk by and think the alley no different than the hundreds of others sprinkled throughout the city. In this case, however, you’d be wrong. Tucked away at the end of Board Alley you’ll not only find Bricco Panetteria, but Bricco Salumeria as well. The Panetteria is located down a short flight of stairs in a basement space. Once inside, you’ll find a counter to place your order and the bread making area just beyond that, and that’s pretty much it.

However, simple aesthetics do not equal simple products. Our artisan breads are baked fresh daily, and we offer quite a selection. Our breads include French, raisin, ciabatta, miche, and sunflower flaxseed, just to name a few. In fact, people have been enjoying our loaves so much that Boston Magazine has taken notice! Enough notice to have named Bricco Panetteria the Best Bread Bakery of 2017 in Boston! It’s a phenomenal acknowledgement, so thank you for the recognition Boston Magazine! Come by and grab a roll to pair with your lunch, or swing by after work to share our bread with your family! Come down Board Alley in the North End and you’ll find us doing what we do best, baking bread and putting smiles on peoples’ faces.

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