3 Reasons Bread is Actually Good For You

//3 Reasons Bread is Actually Good For You

3 Reasons Bread is Actually Good For You

Bread really does get a bad rap. While delicious and practical in so many ways, the amount of bad press it has received has resulted in a general fear of bread. It has gotten to the point where folks would rather sacrifice half of what their meal consists of than enjoy a bit of the stuff. However, bread isn’t the horrible diet killer it’s made out to be and it can be considered healthy depending on the circumstances. Throw your bread dismay to the wind and discover a few reasons why you should adopt a more positive view of bread. Read on!

Diverse Quality

There’s a difference between the white bread you buy in a bag at the store and the bread you’ll get at Bricco Panetteria. The processed bread you buy at the supermarket offers practically zero nutrition and is not doing much for your health. Bread can be made with all sorts of flour, with nuts, seeds, and vegetables baked right in. The amount of healthy breads in the world is staggering and there’s always a way you can put your own spin on a recipe. For example, choosing a seeded bread or including seeds in your personal bread recipes can be a great source of omega-3s.


Bread is one of the most convenient foods around. Not only that, but a good quality bread isn’t bogged down by a bunch of sugars and preservatives like a bunch of other “convenient foods”. Not only are sandwiches easy to make and portable to boot, but they can serve a bevy of your nutritional needs on the go. It’s not hard to throw healthy ingredients, say spinach and chicken for example, between two slices of good bread and hit the road. If you’re particularly in a rush, spreading some butter on a nice slice of bread or two is much better than not eating at all.


It’s pretty rare to eat bread simply on its own. After all, you can spread things on one slice, pack ingredients between two slices, or even make an open-faced sandwich. You can choose all sorts of healthy ingredients to pair with your bread of choice too, including peppers, avocado, eggs, beef, fish, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, the list really can go on and on. Adding any of these ingredients to your bread will elevate it to a more nutritious level. Have fun with it!

As you can see, bread really isn’t the enemy. The quality of your bread is crucial to its overall health factor but, don’t fret, there are plenty of healthy varieties to choose from. Come on into Bricco Panetteria and we’ll help you find the bread you’re looking for.

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