Italian Sandwiches to Try This Spring

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Italian Sandwiches to Try This Spring

Now that the weather has taken a turn for the better, it’s time to switch up your diet to get your palette ready for the spring and summer seasons. Luckily for you, Bricco Panetteria has the bread aspect of your sandwich covered. For inspiration in every other regard, read on for a few suggestions!

Roasted Chicken Caprese Sandwich

While the caprese sandwich is an Italian staple, it can certainly use a bit of inspiration at times. For one, chicken can be a great addition that can change the entire flavor of the sandwich. If you’re looking to whip up a quick sandwich, include arugula, fresh basil, mozzarella pearls, truffle mustard, tomatoes, and roasted chicken.

Grilled Portobello Burger

If you’re a vegetarian, a great sandwich option for you this spring is a grilled portobello burger. With one or two portobello caps sandwiched between some of our delicious bread, you’ll hardly miss the beef! But, you can’t just have portobello mushroom caps and bread. Top off your sandwich with some red pepper paste, mozzarella, and baby spinach, and you’ve got yourself one delicious meal.

Roasted Pork & Broccoli Rabe Sub

You’re going to want to scoop up one or two of our baguettes for this one, folks. While roasted pork is delicious entirely on its own, pairing it with some broccoli rabe really takes it to the next level. Cook and dress the broccoli rabe how you prefer and add it to your sandwich. Throw some banana peppers and provolone on top of your roasted pork and broccoli rabe and you’ve got yourself a beautiful little creation.

If you’re looking for some new sandwiches to try, give our recommendations a go. You can find all the bread you’ll need here at Bricco Panetteria. We look forward to seeing you!

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